Monday, July 29, 2013

Using ViSalus Shakes Recipes To Add More Associates

Where Do ViSalus Shakes Recipes Fit In Your Business Model?

Finding tasty ViSalus shakes recipes can be a real benefit to helping increase your monthly checks.  After all, if people aren't using the products, they're not going to continue buying more every month.

This is basic economics to make money with ViSalus.

But the real trouble is, most people find it difficult to recruit dozens of new associates into their downline ('s not just you).


Because the things your upline leaders are teaching you don't work to grow a huge downline, despite what your upline says.  Yes, I realize how controversial this sounds, but it's the truth.

You could have the best ViSalus shakes recipes in the world, but if you're still using outdated methods, like making a list of your friends and family, passing out ViSalus business cards & flyers, going to weekly meetings and hosting a Body By Vi Challenge Party every other week, you're spending a lot of energy to get very little results.

At that rate, you'll basically have to live to be 120 years old to recruit a couple of thousand people just so you can retire.  The math just doesn't make sense if you calculate the results you get with the time & effort you spend.

There is a much better way.

Your Global Ambassadors are NOT holding a Challenge Party in his or her house 4 nights a week, passing out flyers in parking lots, boasting about the great ViSalus shakes recipes they're selling, or doing 3-way calls with the CEO.

I've put together a FREE report that shows you the exact process they're using to add a dozen or more Ambassadors per week into their ViSalus business.

This FREE report will show you what to do so you can focus on making money...let your downline find their own ViSalus shakes recipes.  Get your copy today and stop doing what doesn't work.

Mike Lewitz
Phoenix, AZ