Thursday, August 23, 2007

Market Your MLM Only To The People Who Are Looking...

The reason most people fail in MLM and Network Marketing is because MLM companies are teaching everyone who joins to accomplish nearly impossible feats. Allow me to explain...

Let's say, for example, your MLM company sells Coke. As a distributor of Coke, your MLM company and your upline are going to tell you to do things like:
  • Make a list of 50 to 100 people in your "warm market" (ie: family, friends, co-workers, etc.)
  • Do 3-way calls with your upline
  • Talk to everyone that comes within 3 feet of you (the famous "3-foot rule")
  • Conduct "home parties" and drag people to MLM hotel meetings.
  • Hand out 1000's of fliers, brochures, CD's and DVD's
...etc, etc...

Basically, your MLM company wants you to talk to the people you already know (or everyone you come in contact with), have them watch a DVD or read a brochure, get them on the phone with your upline, and attend a demonstration of some kind... either at your home or a local hotel meeting. (I know, nothing new here...stay with me.)

The PURPOSE of all this activity is to CONVINCE people that they should drink your Coke and join you in CONVINCING everyone else to drink Coke.

I get e-mails ALL THE TIME with people asking, "How do I convince people to join my XYZ MLM company?"

So many don't realize the main problem is actually VERY simple... you cannot CONVINCE anyone to do something they don't already want to do. It's nearly impossible. I defy anyone to CONVINCE a die-hard vegetarian to order a 16oz rib-eye steak. Good luck with that. It's a nearly impossible feat! Why would ANYONE even TRY to do this? It's insane. (You could talk to 100's of vegetarians, and MAYBE you'd get one once in a while, and then everyone would be asking people like me, "How do I convince vegetarians to try my steak?" And then you'd see a ton of web sites bashing these crazy meat sales companies that are trying to sell to vegetarians and meat salespeople are freaks). Hmmm....

...And, yet, that's EXACTLY what every MLM company is trying to make their distributors do: They want you to go out and CONVINCE all the Pepsi drinkers, the Gatorade drinkers, the 7-up drinkers, the coffee drinkers... to drink Coke! What's WORSE, these MLM companies don't even teach you how to discover what your prospect is currently drinking, let alone if they even so much as have an interest in your Coke. And, WHY in the world would you WASTE your time talking to someone who has no interest in what you've got? Why would a butcher waste one second with a vegetarian when there are so many steak-lovers out there?

If you take ANYTHING away from here, it should be THIS:
WE, as consumers, LOVE to BUY! But, we absolutely HATE to be SOLD!

So, to become successful in MLM and network marketing ANYTHING, you must FIRST find out if your prospect even has a need, want, or desire for what you're offering. Just help me get what I'm already looking for and I'll buy it, but DON'T try to CONVINCE me that I need it more than I think I need or want it. If I don't have a need or want... NEXT!

Now, granted, you might talk to 100 people saying, "Hey, do you eat steak? Hi, do YOU like steak?" and they may all say, "NO." But, isn't that SOOO much more efficient than spending and hour, or two, or three with only 10 people...and have them STILL say, "NO"? Absolutely.

The trick is to run through LARGE NUMBERS of people in a short time. (Not to mention you won't join the "NFL" club this way because you've properly qualified people - it shows you respect them). NFL = No Friends Left

You have my word and promise that there are MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people out there who are ACTIVELY LOOKING for the benefit of whatever MLM product or service your MLM company offers and there are LOTS of great MLM companies. But, they'll never find you if you're wasting your time with the wrong people. (See: Law of Attraction)

It's NOT about YOU... it's about THEM!! You MUST remove YOUR NEEDS out of your head - PERMANENTLY!

If your MLM company offers nutritional products, find people who are "ACTIVELY LOOKING" to become more healthy. Stop talking to people who are unhealthy - they AREN'T INTERESTED!!! It's SO MUCH EASIER to close someone who wants to be healthy - and they'll probably be a long-life consumer, too. Leave the overweight bon-bons and beer guzzler on the couch with his remote control. He doesn't think he has a problem... so STOP trying to CONVINCE him he has one. It's NOT about YOU!

If your MLM company offers legal services, find people who are worried about those issues. Don't try to convince people who aren't worried about legal issues.

Am I making any sense? If you're MLM is selling Coke, you are looking for people who are ALREADY looking for Coke products, can afford Coke...and are THIRSTY.

I promise you... there are MILLIONS of thirsty consumers out there who love and want the benefits of drinking Coke. But, PLEASE... leave your friends and family alone!

They all drink Pepsi.

Mike Lewitz
Phoenix, AZ
International MLM Trainer